Specialty Spray Guns

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Spray Guns for Special Work.


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SATA® HRS™ Rust Protection Gun

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Gun for cavity protection with 3 wands

Fine atomization even with high viscous material due to pressurization up to 145 psi / 10 bars.

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  • Versatile use due to 3 wands included in the set (1 nylon wand, 1 door wand and 1 Venturi hook wand).
  • Quick and easy wand replacement due to the reliable material coupling system
  • Fine atomization even with highly viscous materials due to pressurization of up to 10 bars.
  • Further useful details such as the material back-check valve characterize the known SATA quality.
  • Set includes:
    Cavity protection gun with quick coupling for wand connection, 1 l pressurized cup (max. 10 bars) and set of wands (Nylon wand / diameter 8 mm / 1,300 mm long, door wand / diameter 8 mm / 1,100 mm long, Venturi hook wand / 750 mm long)


  • The gun is also available without wands.

SATA® UBE™ Undercoating Gun

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Underbody protection with one way cans

High performance siphon cup gun for applying fluid material for rust, gravel and sound deadening protection. Also for cold cleaner from one way cans.

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  • Very strong suction performance by the large diameter of the material standpipe.
  • Fine atomization in conjunction with low overspray.
  • Precise fan direction.
  • Adjustable spray tube for universal use.
  • Long life time due to durable full metal construction.

SATAjet® 100 B P

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Special gun for applying polyester filler

Sharply defined fan, fine atomization and low overspray that considerably reduces masking and sanding

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Special spray gun for sprayable putty and high viscous filler

  • Fine atomization
  • Exact spray pattern distance
  • Less waste of time covering or sanding surfaces
  • Reduced weight
  • Small size
  • High ergonomics
  • Totally appropriate for waterborne paints


Details on the equipment:

  • Continuous round/oval fan control
  • Material quantity can be adjusted

SATAjet® B

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Reliable legendary high pressure gun for top coating quality

Ideal for topcoats in car refinishing, industrial, wall painting and woodworking trades.

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The reliable, highly efficient spray gun for top painting quality

  • Fine atomization – on large surfaces
  • High working speed
  • Small size
  • High ergonomics
  • Totally appropriate for waterborne paints


Details on the equipment:

  • Continuous round/oval fan control
  • Integrated air micrometer
  • Material flow regulation
  • Plug-in paint strainer

SATAjet® 3000 K spray mix™

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Special high pressure fed gun with air assisted atomization

Ideal for spraying large quantities of high viscosity material for high quality surface finishes. Special emphasis is put on what the item is used for such as truck frames, locomotives, containers and ships.

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  • The particular advantage: Its adjustment possibilities make it comparable to a classic air-atomizing paint spray gun. The spray fan width may be adapted perfectly to the object.
  • Manual paint spray gun for air-assisted Airless units, for highest requirements and longest possible life time
  • Large surface covering capacity, while emitting low overspray and helping to protect the environment
  • Fully suitable for waterborne materials
  • Large nozzle range for ideal adaptation to material and object.


  • Infinitely variable round / flat spray control without pressure fluctuations
  • Paint needle tip and seat made of carbide



  • Inversion nozzle – for easy purging of the nozzle and practical modification of the spray angle

SATAjet® 20 B

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The new way for fine spray technology and design painting

An interchangeable air connection ensures great flexibility in use.

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Design spray gun – for design and motif painting

  • Fine atomization
  • Extremely handy
  • Reduced weight
  • Right and left-handed people can use it without problems
  • Special nozzle sets with adjustable pre-air for painting effects available
  • Both beginners and pros can put their creative ideas into action on an equal basis with this completely equipped design set.


Details on the equipment:

  • Fine material flow regulation
  • Can be used either with plastic gravity flow cup or plug-in glass cup
  • Easy to change air connection hose with no tools, enables the best air hose connection depending on the object

SATAgraph™ 1

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The airbrush gun for beginners


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  • Double action system: completely separate air and material control by the trigger
  • Easy handling
  • Detachable, screwed cup to apply very small quantities
  • Optional siphon cup gun available
  • Delivery in the aluminum case

SATAgraph™ 2

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SATA precision airbrush gun

May be used with gravity or siphon cup – your choice.

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  • Comes with quick coupling and air hose
  • Double action system for total control
  • Nozzle changing without tool

The SATAgraph 2 spray gun for craft, industry and hobby.

Total control
The new SATAgraph™ 2 works according to the double action system for fine controlling of the spray jet. By pressing the trigger you can regulate the air flow and by pulling it further you can regulate the material flow continuously.

Is obvious with the SATAgraph™ 2: by simply twisting the spray gun’s Airbrush head about 180° a gravity flow cup system turns into a suction cup system.

The 0.25 mm nozzle set size is appropriate for all types of Airbrush painting.

Details on the equipment:

  • Airbrush spray gun
  • Aluminum gravity flow cup
  • Plug-in glass cup as well as hose with mini quick coupling and connecting nipple

SATAgraph™ 3

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Premium airbrush gun with external material flow control

Available as gravity flow cup or siphon cup version.

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The premium SATAgraph 3 airbrush affords the finest atomization. It also gives precise fan adjustment with adjustable material flow control at the end of the handle.

  • Double action system and bi-component air cap for extremely fine lines and points
  • Available in 2.5 ml gravity or 5 ml siphon cup version
  • Variety of nozzle sizes for most any application

Quality ergonomics for fatigue-free work

  • Fluid control at the handle
  • Maintenance and repair without tools


Product delivery:

  • Airbrush SATAgraph 3, nozzle size 0.25
  • Gravity cup 2.5 ml
  • Optional design kit includes 3 meter air hose with mini quick coupling and nipple