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RAC 5 Switchtip

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Reverse-A-Clean SwitchTips Performance you can count on.

RAC 5 SwitchTips are high-performance tips and the #1 selling tip on the market today.

RAC 5 provides excellent fan pattern life and a high-quality finish.


Most widely used reversible spray tip on the market (Black Handle)

  • Used for residential and commercial applications
  • Includes OneSeal for most common coatings
  • Large selection of tip sizes available
  • Easy to identify laser stamped tip sizes
  • Solvent seal available when using extremely hot solvents

RAC X SwitchTips

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Reverse-A-Clean (RAC) SwitchTips
RAC X Switchtips are the highest performing and longest lasting tips in the industry! RAC X is designed to maintain a wider spray pattern for a longer period of time. A wider spray fan means fewer passes with the gun and better productivity.


  • RAC X SwitchTips are the best tip on the market today with the longest lasting fan pattern and highest quality finish.
  • The superior locking tab tip design ensures that the tip stays securely in the guard.
  • All RAC X SwitchTips include the exclusive OneSeal that can be installed with no tools.
  • Specialty RAC X SwitchTips are available for fine finishing and high-production applications.

RAC X – Exceptional Life, Pattern & Finish <!–