nLighten LED Kit

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Encore nLighten LED Kit

The must have accessory for the Encore manual spray gun range – Because more light means more right

A fast, convenient and safety-approved accessory that instantly adds the power of an LED light to the already impressive capabilities of the Encore manual gun range.

See the benefits of nLighten™

Reduce or eliminate rejects or rework

  • Effectively highlight and fix light powder areas on surfaces, deep recesses and cavities – on the fly

Reduce material waste

  • Optimum light levels enable precisely targeted powder application, to reduce waste and save on material costs.

Increase efficiency

  • This all-in-one application and inspection tool gives every operator the power to both spray and inspect at the same time.

Improve safety

  • Rated for use in all powder coating environments

Light on rejects. Light on waste. Bright on application

nLighten™* powerfully and economically illuminates the surface being coated, for precise powder application and easy inspection and approval of work on the fly, even in the dustiest and darkest working environments. Available for simple retro-fits to Nordson Encore manual spray guns.


The nLighten LED Kit assembles quickly, in minutes, and is retrofittable to our complete Encore manual gun range:

Encore Cup Gun Kit – perfect for small batch, powder test or laboratory operations

Encore LT – our entry level manual powder spray system, rugged and highly efficient

Encore LT PE – for porcelain enamel applications

Encore XT – sophisticated manual system, featuring on-gun controls

Encore HD – dense phase manual coating technology, for the ultimate in process control


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