Powder Coating System Ancillary Equipment and Accessories

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Regardless of your powder application system, Nordson has an expansive line of accessories to keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently.

NHR Series Hoppers for Powder Coating

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The round, stainless-steel family of Nordson Hoppers for powder coating are sized to meet your changing production requirements

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The hopper series allows for flexibility to match colors to sizes, based on powder use and color-change frequency

  • Standard 50-lb (23 kg) and 80-lb (36 kg) sizes available
  • A 25-lb (11 kg) size also available for today’s fast color-change production with a lower height for convenient storage
  • Affordable enough to use as dedicated color hoppers
  • Large, rubber plug on lid for easy inspection and filling
  • All sizes work with existing Nordson pumps
  • Optional three-caster dolly fits all NHR hoppers
  • To order, call your Nordson rep, or contact the Nordson Customer Support Center.

Bulk Powder Coating Feed System

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The patented Nordson bulk powder coating material feed system supplies virgin powder directly from a fiber drum to a Nordson hopper/feeder in a continuous, more efficient operation.

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The system features a drum carrier unit, customer drum lid, and up to three powder transfer pumps, each capable of delivering up to 200 lbs (91 kg) of powder per hour.

Prodigy® HDLV® Drum Unloader

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The Nordson portable Prodigy® HDLV® 55-gallon Powder Coating Drum Dolly with integrated Prodigy® HDLV® High-Capacity Pump Station allows for easy, efficient handling of drums for virgin powder feed to your powder system.

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Prodigy® HDLV® 55-Gallon Powder Coating Drum Dolly with Prodigy® HDLV® High-Capacity Pump Station Brochure The Nordson portable Prodigy® HDLV® 55-gallon Powder Coating Drum Dolly with integrated Prodigy® HDLV® High-Capacity Pump Station allows for easy, efficient handling of drums for virgin powder feed to your powder system.

HDLV (High Density Powder Low Velocity Air) provides greater powder coating output using less air to transfer powder. This dense-phase powder coating technology improves coating performance and quality.

NRPS-200 Rotary Powder Coating Sieve

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The NRPS-200 rotary powder sieve is designed for trouble-free material screening and maximum throughput capacity in powder coating operations to significantly reduce rejects and deliver superior finish quality.

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With high screening capacity, the sieve can effectively handle a minimum of 327 kg/hr of conventional powder (720 lbs/hr). The screen cage provides visual indication of proper screen tensioning. The end cap is designed for easy access and removal for inspection.

  • Motor to rotor, and rotor to end-door interfaces provide quicker assembly and disassembly with ease of serviceability
  • Fewer parts needed for lower operating cost
  • An externally mounted, sealed bearing eliminates its exposure to in-process powder
  • A retrofit kit allows for quick conversion of existing NRPS-100 sieves

Horizontal Belt Driven In/Out Positioner

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The Nordson Horizontal Belt Driven In/Out Positioner is designed to position guns at a fixed distance from the part as well as move in and out for contouring during powder spray application. Also, the horizontal positioner moves guns in and out during the color change sequence for quick color change systems for automatic internal purge cleaning of the powder delivery system and external cleaning of the gun body.

  • Infinite positioning – for virtually any position within total stroke length
  • Contouring ability – for applications requiring precision part contouring
  • Precision belt drive – for precise positioning
  • Sealed mechanism – shields moving parts from powder and dirt

Anti-Static Tubing for Powder Coating Operations

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Nordson’s anti-static powder tubing provides a consistent flow for your powder coating applications. The tubing is available in three ID sizes and all contain an internal copper wire that provides a positive path to ground.

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Wouldn’t you like to have…

  • Consistent powder flow?
  • No tribocharging or pinholing?
  • Less impact fusion and powder buildup?
  • Less maintenance and repair down time?
  • Now you can – with anti-static powder tubing from Nordson.

Sure Coat® Powder Coating Nozzle Kit

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The Sure Coat nozzle kit includes eight (8) of the most commonly used nozzles across a wide range of powder coating applications and part geometries.

Never more true than in powder coating, to choose the right “nozzle” for your manual spray gun.The new Sure Coat® nozzle kit is an assortment of the most commonly used nozzles across a wide range of coating applications and part geometries. It is specially priced for you to easily and cost-effectively determine which nozzles are best for optimizing your powder coating operation.

The right nozzle can match the powder spray pattern to the product you are coating.This helps achieve optimum finish quality, consistency and overall operating efficiency. Not to mention making the operator’s job easier, by letting the nozzle help do the work.

The right “nozzle” for the job helps achieve desired coverage faster and easier. And doesn’t waste powder or the operator’s effort.

  • Aerodynamics, in other words the air movement in the powder pattern, as well as from the powder recovery booth draw, can work for you, or against you. So why not let it work for you?
  • The nozzle creates the shape and velocity of the powder pattern.
  • Box-shaped Parts

For complete, even coverage at the inside corner and adjacent areas of a box-shaped part, you may want a smaller, very soft, cone-shaped pattern to minimize bounce-back. Whereas a larger spray pattern with too high a velocity makes it very difficult to get complete coverage. The excess air has nowhere to go but back out of the corner, either carrying powder with it or blowing it off the surface. And you can end up with far too much powder deposited in adjacent areas.

Larger, flat surfaces

On products with larger, flat surfaces, you want a larger, slightly higher-velocity, flat fan pattern for faster and more uniform coverage.

Extrusions and other products with complex geometries

Products such as extrusions and others with complex geometries typically require a smaller, more focused, higher-velocity spray pattern, to “drive” the powder into those difficult-to-reach areas.

Wire goods, wheels or louvered panels

With products such as wire goods, wheels or louvered panels, you actually want some pattern velocity to drive through openings, or around surfaces, to get complete coverage. This can also let “electrostatic wrap” help provide coverage on the backside of the product, making coating the backside much quicker and easier.

FS10-R30 Flame Detector for Powder Coating

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The model FS10-R30* is a microprocessor-based, unitized flame detector with Nordson® relay/indicator panel that provides advanced, reliable fire detection, monitoring and process shutdown capability in powder coating operations.

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The unit performs an automatic self-test to assure reliable operation. The front LED blinks every 10 seconds to indicate normal operation.


  • Advanced multi-spectral infrared flame sensing technology
  • One-half second shutdown response time
  • Air shields prevent powder build-up on lens

Relay/Indicator Panel

  • Includes process shutdown relays for booth, conveyor and other interlocked equipment
  • Audible alarm for detector fault and fire conditions
  • Reset switch to reactivate detectors once fault or fire condition has been corrected

*FS10-R30 is a trademark of Fire Sentry Corporation

Non-Loading kV Metering Kit

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The Nordson non-loading kV meter measures actual output voltage of liquid and powder coating operations in an industrial environment with laboratory precision. It is designed to allow virtually no current to be conducted through it.

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With an ultra-high internal impedance of 100 giga ohms (100 x 109 ohms), the Nordson kV meter conducts no more than 1 micro-amp of current at 100 kV, making it possible to measure power supply output in virtually open-circuit conditions for maximum security.

  • 100 giga ohm internal resistance conducts no more than 1 µA of current at 100 kV to provide maximum accuracy when measuring voltage output in virtually open-circuit conditions
  • Accuracy of ±1% of the meter reading in 0 to 200 kV range provides precise measurements needed for system diagnostics, troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Securely grounded, ergonomic handle assures safe, easy operation
  • Durable, lightweight attaché case facilitates transportation and storage of unit

Powder Coating Thickness Gauges

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The QNix® line of coating thickness gauges offers a complete solution for measuring the thickness of liquid or powder coatings. The user simply places the probe on the substrate and reads the digital display without a lengthy calibration process.

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All gauges are hand-held and easy-to-operate. Benefits include quick, precise values read in both mils and microns. Options include:

  • Basic ferrous/non-ferrous combination gauge
  • New, innovative wireless probe gauge
  • Gauge that takes and stores readings to download for statistical evaluation and report generation

QNix® 1500 Gauge for Powder Coating Operations

The QNix® 1500 for powder coating operations will non-destructively measure over ferrous or non-ferrous substrates with its two integrated probes. It also automatically converts readings from mils to micro with its expanded range of 0.00-200 mils or 0.0-5000 microns.

  • No cables or plugs required
  • Measuring range 0-200 mils convertible to microns
  • Memory available
  • No calibration

Equipment with a non-wearing ruby probe for long life and precisionQNix® 4200/4500 Gauges for Powder Coating Operations

The QNix® 4200 powder coating gauge for measurements over steel or iron and the QuaNix 4500 powder coating gauge for measurements over steel and aluminum have been designed for various applications.

Whether you are assessing the paint on an automobile, or inspecting an outdoor structure, or using them on a liquid or powder coating line, the QuaNix gauges will measure coating thickness.

  • No calibration required
  • Automatic on/off switch
  • Precision accuracy over complete measurement range
  • Readings in both mills and microns