Model 95AR

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The Model 95AR is a conventional spray gun that is pneumatically activated for applications with reciprocating, rotary, spindle machines and in stationary spray gun set ups. It has the same features as the Model 95A spray gun, but has ratchet type adjustable needle valve control. Recommended for installations requiring numerous fluid control adjustments. It is exceptionally rugged and is designed to stand up under hard, continuous use. 60 Series air and fluid nozzles are used in this spray gun.


Name: Model 95AR
Part Number: 6467
Gun Category: Conventional
Gun Type: Automatic
Fluid Passages: Stainless Steel
Fluid Inlets: 3/8″ NPS (m)
Max. Pressure: 100 PSI/6.8 Bar
Air Inlet: 1/4″ NPS (m)
Cylinder Air Inlet: 1/4″ NPS (m)
Weight: 20.5 oz.
Construction: Drop-Forged Aluminum
Colors: Black