Encore HD Manual Powder System

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Maximize productivity in your powder line using precision process control with our fourth generation HDLV® spray technology. The Encore® HD Powder Spray System uses high density, low velocity technology to deliver a high concentration of powder, using less air. The results realized will provide you with greater transfer efficiency, less overspray and superior cured finish quality for every conceivable part type.


The latest system is configured in many ways to meet everyday application demands.

Mobile Systems 
VBF & Hopper

Standalone Systems 
Single & Dual

Rail & Wall Mount Systems

Features and Benefits

  • Paint more parts with powder deposition at speeds nearly double that of venturi systems
  • Proven pump technology with a two chamber design made to deliver more powder where you need it on the part
  • Superior edge and corner coverage with one pass for consistent quality finishes
  • Uniform spray patterns with all powders, even the most challenging materials
  • Discover higher transfer efficiency by applying more powder, using less air
  • Nozzles that are compatible with the Encore gun family (XT, LT and HD)
  • Paint easier with less effort using a lightweight, well-balanced gun
  • On-gun controls for fast, easy adjustments

Proven Benefits

With a decade of experience, over 20 patents and more than 800 global installations, Nordson Customers are realizing the benefits in their operations:

  • Saving 45% in powder material
  • Outfitted to increase line speed 65%
  • Cut color change time by 50%
  • Quality improvements by 20%