RP - "Reduced Pressure" Technology

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The extra fast optimal high pressure technology in compliance with VOC transfer efficiency.

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SATAjet® 4000 B RP

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The Experience in Form and Function

The “Super Speed” SATAjet 4000 B RP with its optimized high pressure technology stands for maximum application speed.

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The new SATAjet 4000 B is setting the standards. Featuring state-of-the-art technology, the spray gun has been optimized with the passion for precision so typical of SATA as well as undergoing intensive practical tests. The result: a soft spray pattern which is second to none, perfect ergonomics and outstanding atomization for excellent finishes.

Lighter, improved handling, higher precision: the ergonomic design.
SATAjet 4000 B, due to its ergonomically formed gun handle, fits like a glove. We have reduced its weight by 15% compared to the previous model. In addition, we have lowered the centre of gravity of the spray gun by a great deal for the benefit of the painter.

Improved control elements.
With just a quarter turn of the innovative round/ flat spray control, the spray fan can be precisely adapted to the shape of the object. For safer and even more comfortable paint application. With just a quarter turn of the innovative round/ flat spray control, the spray fan can be precisely adapted to the shape of the object. For safer and even more comfortable paint application.

Softer: the nozzle concept
The new nozzle concept of the SATAjet 4000 B has been enhanced to meet the requirements of modern paint systems. Providing a uniform and perfectly shaped spray fan, the material lays down softly and evenly. The noise level has been reduced by up to 50%. Highest color match precision, high gloss and uniform paint distribution ensure brilliant finishes at rapid application speed.
The “Super Speed” SATAjet 4000 B RP with its optimized high pressure technology stands for maximum application speed.

SATAjet® 3000 B™ RP

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License for the future

The enhancement of a premium class product – the “Super Fast” paint spray gun for car refinishing and all surfaces requiring the best finishes

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  • Newly developed nozzle concept for even higher color match precision and homogeneous material distribution
  • Wide and even fan for higher work speed
  • Perfect for the application of base- and clearcoats
  • Even better surface quality for spotless finish
  • Finest material atomization
  • Ensures excellent painting results



  • VOC-Compliant Equipment
  • Suitable for all waterborne and solvent-based material
  • Complies with all VOC regulations with regard to solvent reduction and material savings – for the sake of our environment
  • Transfer efficiency rate > 65 %
  • Low overspray atomization
  • Switch to waterborne materials, switch to SATAjet 3000


Chrome Fever: High-Brilliance Gun for Brilliant Results

  • Fully chrome-plated paint spray gun
  • Chrome is wear-resistant and retains its value
  • Chrome is corrosion-proof – even with waterborne materials
  • Chrome is as valuable as gold – both visually and technically
  • With its elegantly refined finish you will always make a brilliant appearance


Chrome Finger: The Perfect Extension of your Own Hand

  • A well-balanced gun in state-of-the-art design
  • Perfect ergonomics for fatigue-free work, e.g. optimized center of gravity, lower triggering forces
  • Every step turns out just right: easy handling and operation
  • CCS – for individual labeling, personalization


Designed for the Future:

  • Top class premium technology “Made in Germany”
  • Easy cleaning and servicing – Chrome-plated gun body – Replaceable air distribution ring
  • Self-adjusting packings
  • Low-noise spray fan
  • QCC, patented closure for rapid, clean cup replacement
  • Safety due to quality check: piece by piece
  • Controls operated with one hand only: Fan control for right and left handed persons (conversion kit for left-handed use Art. No. 134049 optional)
  • Perfectly suitable for the use with SATA RPS disposable cups
  • Top-notch quality is just not enough – we also guarantee it: 3-year warranty!
  • No chance for copycats:
    SATA authentication label

SATAjet® 3000 K RP®

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Pressure fed high performance gun – The Super Saver

Perfect for applying large quantities of paint for any job requiring the best finishes like car refinishing or airplane construction.

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  • Rapid work work is ensured by the particularly wide fan and the high material flow rates. The slightly higher air cap pressure, compared to HVLP guns,adds the feeling of working with a conventional high pressure gun. Thus,switching to VOC conforming gun is made easy.
  • Finest atomization and a top-class finish are ensured by optimized high pressure. Even with the latest generation of High Solid materials, excellent atomization quality is achieved.
  • Due to the higher air cap pressure, compared to HVLP guns, less compressed air is required for atomization.
  • Highest profitability – SATA RP™ technology ensures transfer efficiencies considerably above 65 % required by VOC legislation. Therefore, this pressure-fed high performance gun not only helps to protect the environment, but also saves lots of expensive paint (approx. 30 % compared to a conventional high pressure gun).
  • The patented air circulation principle provides an especially homogeneous and soft fan.
  • 100 % hand checked nozzle sets ensure the constantly high, well-known SATA quality – for complete guns as well as spare nozzle sets.
    The durable air caps are made of brass (not of aluminum), therefore ensuring a long life time – a factor particularly important in industrial use.
  • Nozzle sets ranging from 0.8 to 2.0 mean a wide field of application.
  • Rapid air cap change with the SATA Quick Change System™ (only 1.5 turns) – ideal for continuous coating
  • The gun can be adapted without great effort to existing work stations.
  • Excellent handling – the short gun body, the extremely low weight and the optimum balance ensure the gun “fits like a glove”.
  • Suitable for water-borne materials – paint needle and nozzle are made of stainless steel, and the nickel-plated gun body has been refined with a special coating.
  • To make guns different from one another (i.e. guns for basecoat and guns for clearcoat), the gun can be marked by means of an affixed colored plastic disc (Color Code System™ ).
  • Self-adjusting air and material packings with long life times considerably reduce servicing efforts.
  • The carefully polished nickel-plated gun surface and the Quick Change System reduce cleaning efforts as well.
  • Naturally, the gun is equipped with a material flow control, a round / flat spray control and an air micrometer.
  • Please also see our broad range of material feed systems, such as paint pressure tanks, diaphragm and piston pumps.
  • Please take a look at our useful accessories for this gun !

SATAjet® 1000 B™ RP ®

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Sturdy all around paint spray gun – The Super Fast

Comfortable crafts gun for use with high sprayable materials.

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All around paint spray guns for craft and industry

  • Fine atomization and high area coverage
  • Optimum finish results in all fields of application
  • Robust, long-lasting and easy to clean
  • Suitable for waterborne paints and corrosion resistant
  • Easy clean surface
  • Compact and lightweight
  • VOC-compliant
  • Wide range of nozzles: 1,0 – 5,0
  • Wide range of accessories such as extensions and pressure cup mounting bracket, etc.

Special Features: Can be optionally used with 0.6 l QCC PVC gravity cup or SATA RPS™ disposable cups.

SATAjet® 1000 K™ RP ®

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All around paint spray guns for crafts and industry

Optimum work results in all fields of application

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Special features:

  • The lightweight among the pressure fed spray guns
  • In combination with paint pressure tanks or material feeder pumps, they are a powerful application tool
  • The material supply can be connected via material tube, Teflon ball valve or material quick coupling

Extensions (for gravity cup and pressure fed spray guns): For special applications, such as internal coating of tubes or radiator painting, various extensions ranging from 20 to 300 cm (8 to 120 inches) are available:

  • with 90° angular head
  • with standard nozzle for regular spray pattern
  • with plate-shaped internal mixing nozzle for 360° radial spraying
  • with 30° diagonal radiator spray nozzle

SATAjet® 1000 H™ RP ®

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The siphon cup version

Comes with 1 litre aluminium siphon cup and quick cup closure, allowing for easy refill.

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  • Suitable for the application of both waterborne and solvent-borne materials
  • Easy to clean and corrosion-resistant surface
  • Easy material refill due to quick release coupling on the cup
  • The QC Quick Change Thread allows an easy and quick air cap exchange with just one and a half turns
  • Robust and long-lasting

SATAjet® 100 B F™ RP ®

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Smooth surfaces from the start

This “Super Fast” primer and filler gun reduces sanding to a minimum in car refinishing

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  • Ergonomically optimized spray gun body in state-of-the-art design with small dimensions and low weight for fatigue-free working
  • Nozzles sizes ranging from 1.4 to 2.0 for primer and filler work
  • 100% hand checked nozzle sets ensure the constant high SATA quality – for complete guns as well as spare nozzle sets
  • Smoothly polished gun surface for easy and quick cleaning including material pas-sages
  • Now with material-flow control with counter nut and enhanced thread, as with the top coat spray guns
  • Air micrometer with graduations to adjust atomization air
  • Suitable for waterborne paints –paint needle and nozzle are made of stainless steel and the spray gun body has been carefully anodized
  • Self-adjusting air and material packings with a long lifetime significantly reduce the need for servicing
  • Comfortable trigger with low trigger-pull resistance and integrated paint needle cover, minimizing cleaning effort and increasing the life time of the needle packing
  • CCS-Clip (Color Code System) to mark each spray gun individually
    Single-handed round/flat control to adjust the spray pattern to the object which is to be painted
  • QCC quick cup connector for quick cup changes and fast cleaning as well as for the use of the RPS disposable cup system without need for an additional adaptor

SATA® Spray Master™ RP ®

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The multi-task tool for carpenters and painters

Special system for spraying high viscosity material. Ideal for carpenters coating small surfaces and painters with special application problems.

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The SATA spray master combines low overspray gun technology – the trend for the future – with the features of a pressure fed gun. With this combination, almost all materials, with different viscosities, can be sprayed with one single nozzle size. No gun conversion is necessary.