Prodigy® Generation II HDLV® Pumps

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Prodigy HDLV powder coating pumps use dense-phase technology with high-density powder, low-velocity air to propel more powder with less compressed air.

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The Prodigy II HDLV pump line includes the gun pump and the high-capacity pump. The pumps are purgeable in both directions – suction and delivery, and use an operator-friendly, see-through design for easy diagnostics. The pumps have no moving parts or seals to service or replace.

The Prodigy HDLV gun pump moves powder to the spray gun with less air velocity resulting in softer delivery, minimal overspray, higher transfer efficiency, and greater material savings.

The Prodigy II HDLV high-capacity pump can be used for virgin or reclaim powder feed. It utilizes less compressed air, delivers three times the powder of a venturi-style transfer pump, and speeds color change time.

Encore® Pumps

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Compact, efficient pump delivers more powder to the part for higher first-pass transfer efficiency.

The compact, highly efficient Encore pump has been engineered for better performance on demand than ever before. Available in both inline and 90-degree configurations, the Encore pump uses less compressed air, the to deliver more powder to the part. The result is a much softer spray pattern for consistently higher first-pass transfer efficiency and quality finishes.

Features include:

  • More powder with less compressed air for higher performance and savings
  • Lower velocity at the gun for more powder on the part, on the first pass
  • Fewer parts for lower operating costs
  • Lower velocity at the pump for less wear and longer life
  • Quick-Turn Throat Retainer for quick and easy routine cleaning and inspection of pump throat