Xtreme XL Sprayer

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A powerhouse for high-volume protective coatings projects

If you have large jobs that require a high-output sprayer, then you need the Graco Xtreme XL Sprayer. Configured with the Graco XL Air Motor, the largest air motor Graco has ever built, the Xtreme XL handles the workload eqivalent of multiple sprayers.

Add Xtreme XL to your lineup

  • Lets you use multiple guns to get the job done faster
  • High output – up to 6.7 gal per minute (25.4 lpm)


Features & Benefits:

  • Graco’s powerful new 10,000 cc XL Air Motor lets you use multiple guns with almost no perceivable pulsation
  • Higher output per cycle means less total cycles for any give job — which means less wear and tear on pump components and ultimately, less downtime and maintenance expense for you
  • The Xtreme XL is designed to eliminate non-restartable icing stalls for more uptime


  • Zinc-rich primers
  • Plural component coatings
  • High solids epoxy primers and coatings
  • Marine coatings
  • Polyurethane coatings


  • Marine and shipbuilding
  • Offshore industry
  • Bridge coatings
  • Structural steel and corrosion protection
  • Railcar manufacturing and repair
3A645D, Xtreme XL Packages
U.S Metric
Maximum air inlet pressure to sprayer 150 psi
Stroke Length (nominal) 4.75 in.
Maximum pump speed (Do not exceed maximum recommended speed of fluid pump, to prevent premature pump wear) 60 cycles per minute
Sound Data See Xtreme XL Motor manual for sound data.
Air Inlet Size 1 in. npt(f)
Wetted Parts Carbon Steel; ally steel; 304, 440 and 17-4 PH grades of stainless steel; zinc and nickel plating, ductile iron; tungsten carbide; PTFE; leather
Fluid Inlet Size
All Xtreme Lower Pumps 1 1/4 npt(m)
Dura-Flow Lower Pumps 2 in. npt(f)
Fluid Outlet Size (Number of Outlets)
Xtreme Lower pumps with Built-in Filters (2) 1/2 in. npt(f)
Xtreme Lower Pumps Without Filters (1) 1 in.npt(f)
Dura-Flo Lower Pumps (1) 3/4 npt(m)
Maximum Air Operating Pressures
XL45 100 psi
XL70 100 psi
XL80 88 psi
XL95 76 psi
Maximum Fluid Working Pressures
XL45 4700 psi
XL70 7100 psi
XL80 7250 psi
XL95 7250 psi
XL70, XL80, XL90 340 lbs.
XL45 341 lbs.