Airless Tips

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SC-6 Reversible Tip


  • Highest quality tungsten carbide assures longest life, durability and fewer passes for better coverage
  • Exclusive flow indicator indicates that tip is in spray or clean position
  • Exclusive flow indicator indicates that tip is in spray or clean position
  • Ergonomic design assures comfort when rotating to spray or reverse position for cleaning
  • Insertion and knockout tool for easy assembly

TR2 Tip

  • Switch to wide or narrow fan patterns with a twist
  • Speed and control at your fingertips
  • One tip with two fan patterns
  • Consistent file thickness when using wide or narrow fan pattern

WideSpray Tip


  • Perfect for high product applications
  • Increase production up to 100%
  • Widespray will save you time and money
  • Insertion and knockout tool for easy assembly

Synergy Tip


  • Particle size up to 27% smaller than a standard tip
  • Interchangeable with industry standard safety guards
  • Ideal for lacquers, stains, and clear coats
  • Increased transfer efficiency
  • Insertion and knockout tool for easy assembly

High Pressure Tip


  • Heavy duty reversible tip
  • Pressure rated to 7700 PSI
  • Insertion and knockout tool for easy assembly

Flat Tip


  • Precision machined from the highest quality Tungsten Carbide

Adjustable Self Cleaning Tip


  • Fully adjustable fan widths from 2" to 24" reduce overspray
  • Perfect when changing from spraying walls to cutting in for trim work or around windows
  • Self-cleaning feature eliminates costly downtime

Fine Finish Metering Orifice


  • Designed to produce a more complete atomization of the spray pattern
  • Increases your transfer efficiency by allowing you to spray at lower pressures
  • When ordering, always use a metering orifice that is at least .004 larger than the spray tip being used.



  • Solvent resistant white seal - 651-020
  • Solvent resistant white seal - 661-021
  • Metal retainer - 651-040
  • Solvent resistant seal & retainer kit 5 pack - 661-020
  • Solvent resistant seal & retainer kit 12 pack - 651-060
  • Latex black seal - 651-042

SC-6 Tip Guard


  • Design allows guard to be installed without tools
  • Seal cavity on safety guard has large "flats" for quick and easy installation of seal
  • For use with Titan SC-6 tip only
  • Interchangeable with most competitive bases


Reverse thread design prevents filter from unscrewing when handle is removed for cleaning & replacement. Packaged two per pack

Threaded Product No Unthreaded Product No
Coarse(green) 500-200-03 Coarse(green) 0089957
Medium(white) 500-200-06 Medium(white) 0089958
Fine(yellow) 500-200-10 Fine(yellow) 0089959
Extra Fine(red) 500-200-15 Extra Fine(red) 0089960

Pump Manifold Filters

PowrTwin 5500, 4900, 6900, 8900, 10000 & 12000 PowrTwin 3500, 4500 & Hydra
  Product No.   Product No.
Mastic-0 mesh 930-004 Coarse-5 mesh 920-001
Coarse-5 mesh 930-005 Medium 50 mesh 920-004
Medium 50 mesh 930-006 Fine 100 mesh 920-005
Fine 100 mesh 930-007    

Titan 640ix-1140ix & Impact 440-1640   Titan E15, E20, G40 & G55  
  Product No.   Product No.
Coarse-30 mesh 730-067-30 Coarse-30 mesh 761-042
Medium-60 mesh 730-067 Medium-60 mesh 761-043
Fine-100 mesh 730-067-10 Fine-100 mesh 761-041

Inlet Screens

Titan Inlet
Small Screens
Product No. Titan Inlet
Large Screens
Product No.
30 mesh (Fine) 700-900 30 mesh (Fine) 710-191
10 mesh (Coarse) 700-802 10 mesh (Coarse) 710-046

Speeflo Inlet Screens

Units Product No.
4900, 6900, 8900, 12000 103-627
All GHD 710-046
Hydra Pro IV 103-627

High Pressure Gun Extensions - Stainless Steel


  • Heavy duty stainless steel
  • Can be used with most brands of airless spray guns
  • Pressure rated at 7700 PSI
7/8" G-thread (Standard) Product No.
6" 611-280
12" 611-281
18" 611-282
24" 611-283

Swivel Head

For use with Titan Gun Extensions & Extension Poles.
Permits a 260 degree rotation for greater spraying versatility & accessibility.

7/8" G-thread Swivel Head (Female) – Product No. 651-139
7/8" G-thread Swivel Head (Male) – Product No. 711-600

Angle Adapter

Adapt any extension pole to any standard airless gun. Because of its right-angle design, the angle adapter allows the pole to extend from the gun at the same angle as the handle. The result is greater efficiency & comfort. Pressure rated at 3600 PSI.

Product No. 310-072-1

Extension Pole

These lightweight aluminum extensions are constructed with inner core ribs which reinforce the pole & greatly increase their rigidity. The inner core rib construction allows different length poles to be easily coupled together up to 12' while maintaining the proper rigidity to suit most job conditions.


  • Reach high out-of-the-way places when spraying or pressure rolling
  • Adapts to most airless guns
  • Includes 310-062 extension pole coupling
  • Pressure rated at 3600 PSI
Length Product No.
1.5' Pole 310-381-1
3' Pole 310-383-1
6' Pole 310-386-1

Extension Pole Coupling

Allows you to connect different length extruded poles together to create different lengths for any application.

Product No. 310-062

6' Outrigger


  • Convert existing gun to 6' gun & back in seconds
  • Allows you to increase production & profits
  • Constructed of lightweight & rigid aluminum to reduce arm fatigue
  • Large, gun installation holder & knob
  • No additional hoses or fittings required
  • Adapts to all Titan airless spray guns & most manufacturers airless spray guns

Product No. 757-920

LX-75 Pole Guns


  • All metal construction
  • Full length needle ensures positive shut-off at tip
  • Pressure rated at 3600 PSI
  • Reach those out-of-the-way places that normally require a ladder or scaffolding
  • Gun swivel
  • In-handle filter
  • Ergonomic design
Length Product No.
4' Pole Gun 550-495
8' Pole Gun 550-500
Repair Kit No. 550-487

LX-70 In-Line Gun


  • All metal construction
  • In-line design is a natural extension to any pole
  • In-handle filter
  • Swivel reduces hose kinks and ensures effortless control
  • Pressure rated at 3600 PSI

Product No 550-475
Repair Kit No 550-487

i-remote Universal Remote Control


  • The first in the industry
  • Operates over 100 feet away from unit - through walls, trees and other obstacles
  • Increase or decrease the pressure - without climbing down off the ladder or scaffold
  • Ability to turn sprayer ON or OFF; eliminates sprayer "run away" when you run out of paint by stopping sprayer quickly - extending your piston and packing life
  • Universal remote control operates most manufactures electronic pressure controlled sprayers
  • Works on i, ix and Advantage series sprayers
  Product No.
i-remote & receiver 800-690
Remote Only 800-691
Receiver Only 800-692

Airless Fluid Hose


  • Urethane cover is bonded to an inner nylon braid making it highly flexible & kink resistant
  • Conductive tube design for proper grounding
  • Durable abrasion-resistant urethane cover resists wear

Airless Fluid Hose Whips

  • Available as 5' and 9' Whip Hose

Hose Cover

Protect your airless hose from paint and abrasion damage with a durable 4 mil poly hose cover. Comes in 1000 feet lengths with perforation every 50 feet to fit any length of hose.

Hose Cover (Hose not included) - Product No. 0521424


Reel EZ Hose Reel

The Reel EZ virtually elimintates hose hassles & increases your production. The Reel EZ 16 mounts to the frame of all Titan & Speeflo cart style paint sprayers with a heavy duty universal mounting bracket. The Reel EZ 10 mounts to the frame of all the Titan skid style paint sprayers such as the 440i. Both the Reel EZ 16 & the Reel EZ 10 mount to most major manufacturer's paint sprayers with similar designs.

Reel EZ 16 can hold up to 100' of 1/4" airless hose
Reel EZ 10 can hold up to 50' of 1/4" airless hose

Both rated at 3600 PSI

  Product No.
Reel EZ 16" 769-100
Reel EZ 10" 769-200