Encore® XT Manual Powder Spray System

The revolutionary all-new Encore® XT manual powder spray system provides unsurpassed operator control, coating efficiency and ease of use for an unprecedented level of coating performance on demand.


Ergonomically engineered to fit like a glove and featuring vastly more functional On-Gun* controls, the Encore spray gun is the lightest and best-balanced gun on the market, making the painter’s job easier for more consistent and repeatable coating performance.

The innovative Encore all-digital operator interface provides unprecedented control functionality and flexibility for optimum coating results with every part type and application challenge.

System features include:
  • On-Gun controls and display
  • Nordson-exclusive auxiliary trigger for one-hand powder flow adjustment or preset selection
  • 100,000 volts of power
  • PowerPurge on-gun powder path cleaning
  • All-digital operator interface
  • Large, brilliant-blue LED displays and helpful lighted icons
  • Highly intuitive parameter selection buttons
  • Fast-acting rotary knob for quick value adjustments
  • Nordson patented Select Charge® technology
  • Automatic Current Feedback (AFC) control
  • 20 programmable presets for electrostatic and pneumatic parameters
  • True, closed-loop powder flow control
  • Low-velocity, high-efficiency pump
*patent pending

Encore® XT Manual Powder Spray System Configurations

The Encore manual powder spray system is available in mobile and stationary configurations for maximum production flexibility, ease of operation, and optimal performance on demand.

For stationary placement on booths or operator platforms, Encore’s separate, exceptionally compact and lightweight operator interface provides optimum operator access and control.