Premier 34:1, 45:1 and 74:1

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Tough equipment that lasts, even in the harshest conditions

Forget about performance fall-off or stoppage due to ice build-up. The patented Premier air motor and built-in air pump moves warm air across the four-way air valve outlet to reduce ice build-up. Even with dirty non-lubricated air, you’ll get continuous operation with Premier’s reliable four-way slide valve.

When the job requires high pressure for tough fluid materials, Graco’s Premier pump delivers the performance you need.


Features & Benefits:

  • High pressure and high fluid flow per cycle increases your production and reduces rod and cylinder wear
  • Severe Duty rod and cylinder handles the most abrasive coatings
  • Simple design makes fluid pump repairs easy
  • Designed for applications requiring large tip sizes, long hoses and high flow rates
  • Exclusive air valve design minimizes ice-related downtime


  • Zinc-rich primers
  • Plural component coatings
  • High solids epoxy primers and coatings
  • Marine coatings
  • Polyurethane coatings


  • Marine and shipbuilding
  • Offshore industry
  • Bridge coatings
  • Structural steel and corrosion protection
  • Railcar manufacturing and repair

When the coatings are tough, choose Premier airless pumps and packages